On the Regular

So this is my it, my regular uniform. Living in Florida, the temperatures doesn’t really allow much layering and often gets too hot for me to wear my beloved leathers (although I do it anyways, in the name of fashion).
 The weather has been moody lately, one day it’s cold and the next it’s hot, so excuse the drastic variations in my outfits. 
Nonetheless, this is what I’m most comfortable in, my vintage levi’s (that I clearly wear way too much) and a loose fitting button up. I wouldn’t say this outfit is “fashionable” or even trendy but its a reflection of my personal style. I like contrasting themes and always incorporate it in my outfits. Here, I paired my rugged denim shorts with a black structured bag and heels. 
You’ve probably noticed, I’m not an accessories type of gal. I find that less is always more and so pairing this simple large gold bracelet was the single statement piece I needed to pull my outfit together.
Offsetting a casual look with polished pieces results in a look that’s simply me. 
Thank you for sharing this journey with me!
Shirt: H&M (in stores now)
Shorts:  vintage Levis 
Shoes: Tibi
Purse: LV
Bracelet: Banana Republic
Belt: Neiman Marcus brand  


  1. April 5, 2013 / 7:40 am

    aw, yay. love your style so much!! following you now via bloglovin as well! :-)